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Many people have questions about the different generations and coat types of golden doodles.
​On this page, we will dedicate a bit of space to try to take a bit of the mystery and confusion out of these questions.  First of all, I will explain a few golden doodle basics that I have observed over the years:

1. MOST golden doodles coats lighten considerably as they mature. Puppies that are red can end up very light apricot and puppies that are dark apricot usually end up light apricot. Puppies that are light apricot or a golden color will often end up cream. The ones that are a true golden color often retain their color or even darken slightly and parti factored puppies also tend to darken. Our experienced eye can often tell which puppies will lighten, but we do not guarantee color.

2. MOST golden doodles coats get more wavy or curly as they mature. A slightly wavy puppy will often mature to have a nice full wavy or even loose curly coat and a puppy with a loose curly coat will often mature to have a tight curly coat. Flat coated doodles do not obtain a true doodle coat but stay more like a retriever with a softer, more wavy coat on their backs-and the flat coated puppies almost always shed.

3. Male vs female golden doodle-
Often people ask me the difference between a male and a female dog. Many people have the preconcieved notion that a female doodle will have better manners and be better behaved. While this can sometimes be the case, I have not seen a significant difference as a general rule. A neutered male doodle from good, calm parents can generally be trained to be a very gentle, well mannered dog. My observation of male vs female doodles is that the females are usually very bright, quick to learn, loyal and affectionate. Males tend to be smart, but maybe a tad slower to catch on to things, often a bit more laid back and they love their owners with complete abandon. Females sometimes retain a bit more independence and self-possession, are incredibly bright and are very affectionate and loving. Some people swear by a female dog…while others are set on a male. We have come to the conclusion that temperament and personality is very puppy specific and not so much gender specific. We have been working on getting the best temperamant and health in our lines for years and most of our dogs all have outstanding temperments and either gender would normally make an ideal pet or therapy for any family.


F1 golden doodle: Golden retriever x poodle.

The f1 golden doodle has 1 purebred golden retriever parent and 1 purebred poodle parent. These puppies usually end up having a loose, wavy, teddy bear type coat that is low shedding and mildly irritating to allergies. The f1 golden doodle tends to get a bit more of the retriever characteristics in looks and personality. These dogs inherit a great deal of hybrid vigour.

Tucker – F1 golden doodle – 3 weeks old

Tucker – F1 golden doodle – 5 weeks old

Tucker – F1 golden doodle – 8 months old

F1b Golden doodle: (First generation backcross) F1 golden doodle x poodle

The f1b golden doodle has 1 f1 golden doodle parent and 1 purebred poodle parent. These puppies tend to have wavy to curly coats that are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic. They are the best for allergy sufferers. They still retain a great deal of hybrid vigour.

Rufus – Curly f1b – 2 weeks old

Rufus – Curly f1b – 7 weeks old

Rufus – Curly f1b – 10 weeks old

Rufus – Curly f1b – adult

Multi-generational golden doodle (or F2b): F1 golden doodle x F1b golden doodle or other generations..but a goldendoodle bred to a goldendoodle.

The multi-generational golden doodle has 1 first generation golden doodle parent and 1 2nd generation (f1b-f1 backcross) parent or has two goldendoodle parents from the correct generations and genetic coat coat types (coat type can be tested to ensure the right type of outcome). These parents should never be related to one another! The multi-generational litter tends to produce puppies that range in coat type from wavy to moderately curly to very curly. Our experience has been that the wavy to curly puppies do not shed and are mostly hypo-allergenic. Flat coated puppies can also be produced if the genetic make up of the parents’ coats is right for that outcome. Many breeders do not know or understand this and some also do not have the pedigrees on their goldendoodles to know what they are breeding to one another, but we have both. Our multi-generational litters have been absolutely gorgeous with a little something for everyone. They still retain a good deal of hybrid vigour and our puppies from these litters have proven to have wonderful health and longevity as well as amazing temperaments.

All of the following pictures are from multi-generational litters from the same two parents. These puppies are from several different litters during the span of the dam’s breeding years:

F1bb Golden doodle: F1b golden doodle x purebred poodle

(Sometimes also referred to as an f2b)
This generation generally ends up being wavy to very curly and basically guaranteed to be non-shedding and allergy friendly. Therefore, for someone with severe allergy issues or extreme aversion to shedding of any type-they are a good choice. Genetically, they have the same type of coat as a F1b…some are wavy and some are curly. Most tend to not shed. They do retain some of the retreiver characteristics in personality and looks.
All of the following puppies are F1bb puppies from breedings that have been done here…

Flat Coated Goldendoodle

A flat coated goldendoodle is generally from a doodle to doodle breeding or from a doodle to retriever breeding. Genetically they have a retriever coat even if they have a large percentage of poodle in them. They look much like a retriever and shed nearly as much as well. They are lovely and sometimes smaller than a retriever.
The puppies below are flat coated puppies that have been born here over the years…

F2 Golden doodle: F1 golden doodle X F1 golden doodle.

This combination is very unpredictable and will often produce random looking puppies with sparse coats and more retriever looking characteristics. These are not true golden doodles.

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