Guardian Family Program

We have decided to begin a guardian program with some of our parents. If you live within one and a half hours of Walworth, NY, and might be interested, please call 315-896-0457 for further details. There is no charge for a guardian puppy…we pay for the spay/neuter when the time comes and offer the guardian family a puppy of their choice from one of the litters. We ask the guardian family to keep up with routine vet care, grooming, and preventatives and to send pics/videos now and again so we can see that the dog is thriving.

​ A copy of our guardian contract can be found under the pictures. Please read before inquiring so you have a basic idea of what it involves.

We currently have several dogs/puppies available for guardianship through our program. We are trying to do more with this and are looking for amazing guardian families to work with us…dogs/puppies available for guardianship will be listed below.

NOTE: we have several dogs/puppies that we are planning to place in guardian homes this year (2024). Currently, we have a purebred golden retriever as well as a standard F1 Irish doodle that we are looking for guardian homes for. I’ll add pics/info soon but don’t hesitate to reach out.

You will find a copy of our guardian home contract below. ​It explains what guardianship entails.

Meet Mallory

Mallory is a purebred AKC registered Golden retriever (American red/English).  She’s a petite girl and only weighs around 40 lbs. She just turned a year old, is crate trained, housebroken and knows basic commands.  She is great with children and other dogs. She’s SUPER sweet, a bit shy in new situations and mostly gentle and loving. She’s ready for an approved guardian home NOW.