Upcoming Litters

*For those wondering, we always reserve one or two of the top places on a list for breeder pick. We do not always keep one but reserve the right to…The breeder reserve puppy is always pending and could mean that we may keep one in our program or may place one with another reputable breeder friend, may place one for therapy~or may not hold one back at all. Also, though we do more litters than some breeders, we still are sure to keep things personal and awesome for our moms and babies.
​ All puppies ARE born in the living room and are in our house most of the time from birth to 6 weeks of age. There is often a cuteness overload in here! We have a large family and lots of hands to birth, care for, and socialize puppies and parents 🙂 Also, our family and household as well as my mom and dad, a dear neighbor, and some close friends of our daughters do this full time and another family friend maintains our website…many hands make light work and wonderful companions 🙂

MEDIUM ENGLISH MULTIGEN GOLDENDOODLE puppies due mid/late April and ready mid/late June
Red/white wavy low to non~shedding coats-30-50 lbs expected at full maturity

Mini multigen Goldendoodle
Health tested~32 lbs
​Sweet, happy, affectionate guy

Standard English F1b Goldendoodle
2 generation BORN HERE (Blaze x Tansy)
Health tested~47 lbs
Super affectionate, calm girl

Past puppies from Mags and Leonardo…

PETITE F1BB ENGLISH GOLDENDOODLE puppies due mid/late April and ready mid/late June 2024
Black phantom/tri/parti, apricot and possibly brown phantom/tri/parti wavy to curly non~shedding coats~18-28 lbs

AKC Miniature Poodle~18 lbs
Health tested
Sweet, affectionate, happy boy

Petite English F1b Goldendoodle
3rd generation BORN HERE~21 lbs
Sweet, calm, loving girl

We expect the puppies from this litter to look much like these guys below…

MINIATURE IRISHDOODLE puppies are due in late April and ready in late June 2024…


puppies due late April and ready late June 2024
Apricot, brown, brown merle, brown phantom/tri, black, black phantom/tri, blue merle bastract and parti colors
Wavy to curly very low non~shedding coats~great for allergy sufferers

English F1b Petite Goldendoodle
3rd generation BORN HERE
Health tested~28 lbs
Happy, laid back, easy going boy

AKC Standard Poodle~54 lbs
BORN HERE (Blaze X Kali)
Happy, silly, super affectionate girl

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