Bosco golden doodle from testimonial.

Can’t say enough good things about Michelle and her services: prices are reasonable for such a popular breed, very responsive, knowledgeable of the breeds, honest, and very patient.
About my dog, we simply could not be any happier. This is not my first puppy so I know how crazy it can get but our Bosco is the most well-behaved dog I have ever owned. So relaxed, best temperament, sleeps like a champ, and picks up potty training so fast, in 3 weeks he has only had 3 accidents and honestly it wasn’t even his fault. Also awesome on the leash during walks!
If I ever get another doodle, I will go to Michelle!
PS. I was walking him down the street and a guy stopped and started asking questions; we realized that our dogs were siblings from the litter picked up on May 2. What a small world!

Cute Golden Doodle named Bosco
Golden Doodle dog from Toodles Doodles

Levi joined our tribe 2 months ago and he is just incredible! You can tell how much effort goes into not just the breeding but the handling and loving care prior to finding their homes. So grateful for such a wonderful dog to be in our family! Thanks Toodles Goldendoodles!

Our Luna is from this wonderful family. Am looking forward to adding to our doodles family soon. Michelle was wonderful. Luna’s parents are Tansy and Blaze.

Golden Doodle dog breed by Toodles Doodles in Macedon, NY
Golden Doodle dog from Toodles Golden Doodles in Macedon, NY
A cute golden doodle from NY

Our Ruby will be 2 tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier with her! She has the greatest personality and disposition… not to mention the CUTEST ever! Her coat is beautiful and from what I hear rare… she feels like she still has puppy fur. It hasn’t changed since we picked her up. Michelle was wonderful and we had no referral to her… I found her on my own and would only get from her if we get another one.

We got our puppy Teddy a little over a month ago, he is now a bit over 3 months old, and he has been such a wonderful addition to our family! He has such a nice temperament and he is learning very fast. He got the hang of potty training very quickly and never needed pee pads (only occasional accidents now every 3-4 days of pee only), he knows sit, kisses, come most of the time, stay most of the time, and is working on leave it. He loves everyone he meets. He is growing so fast! Michelle was also very helpful and was very patient with all my questions both before and after picking up Teddy. I couldn’t be happier with all that she has helped us with.

a golden doodle dog from NY
A golden doodle names teddy from Toodles Golden Doodles in Macedon, NY
Gunnar from Toodles Golden Doodles
Rufus, a golden doodle and Gunnars puppy


You were so right about about how wonderful this dog has made our family. Rufus is the sweetest, most lovable, good dog…He has grown so much! I think Rufus looks a lot like his dad (Gunnar)…Rufus has made our family complete, and I just want to thank you for giving him such a wonderful start. He never growls-occasionally barks just when someone rings the doorbell. He is the neighborhood dog, and with over 25 kids in the neighborhood, he runs from child to child. He almost got on the school bus the first day of school when he saw all the other kids getting on! He is so good that I can walk him without a leash. There are two other golden doodles in the neighborhood that he loves to play with.
I hope all is well with your family. I am sure another great litter is due soon. I occasionally check the website for some pictures of older litters. Hoping to see how the other puppies have grown.
Thanks!!!!! Sue

They breed the most docile and loving dogs I’ve ever met in my life. We are incredibly lucky to have purchased two from Gus and Belle’s fall 2017 litter. We love our Remington and Henry more than anything!

Golden Doodles are docile dogs


I have sent you a few pictures of our dog we got from you from the litter of 4/28/2013. Recently, our dog “Cashew” has become Canine Good Citizen Certified as well as Therapy Dog International Certified. He comes to work each day with me at the Canandaigua High School, with tons of energy to greet all the students and quickly settles down. He is a great dog! Not only does our family love him but the students and staff at the school do as well. Attached are some more recent photos of him at school.

Are any of his brothers or sisters still around the area? If so, feel free to pass along my contact information to them as I think it would be awesome for Cashew to meet them.

Steve & Erin

A Golden Doodle from upstate NY
A therapy dog that is a golden doodle
Stella, a 6 week old golden doodle puppy
Golden Doodle puppy named Stella
our golden doodle puppy Stella


Stella is doing great. She is smart, loyal, healthy and has excelled in her training. Everyone that comes to visit our house falls in love with her. She’s such a sweet girl! I will forward you some recent pictures that we took of her. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Bristol is doing great! She is getting big. She is a wonderful dog. Very loving, loves to cuddle, playful and extremely smart! We couldn’t be more happy with her. We just love her to pieces. You can absolutely use any of the pictures and comments on your testimonial page. We are getting married in December so it’s coming up quickly! Thanks for checking in…So we have been so happy with Bristol and she is such a great addition to our house that we are thinking about adding another amazing puppy :)……and are possibly interested in reserving one from the upcoming litter as well! The litter you are having is the same male and a different female? Can you just give us a bit of info on that? Also can you let us know what we would need to do if we decide to reserve one? Thanks and we are very excited to hear back from you.

One of our puppies named Bristol.
Cute golden doodle
Annie a golden doodle from upstate ny

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to let you know that Annie has settled in beautifully! She’s sleeping through the night in her crate without a peep from day one! She’s very mellow but still playful and happy. She loves running in the yard with Jackson and adores her dog toys. We feel very blessed to have such a sweet dog – a wonderful addition to our little family! Attached are a few pictures from this past weekend. Take care!

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